Women in Construction

More women are breaking into the field of construction and growing their numbers in a profession once dominated by men.

Currently women comprise only 10.3% of the industries jobs. When we consider how many women are in the nations work force, 47%, construction is only benefitting from a small number of women.

In the past year, women have risen into management and foreman roles in this industry at a rate unlike any year in the past. 86.7% of women are in office/management positions and other roles such as sales, service occupations and transportation. Over 70% of these women work off-site at an office location or even from home.

While this industry is still developing in terms of women employees, this is a great option for off season or part time work. Mary Rigg offers a program in conjunction with BY Construction to help clients get knowledge about this field of work and next step opportunities. There are also several online resources by women for women surrounding not only construction, but other trade jobs such as electric, welding, and HVAC jobs.

If you are looking for a career change or an additional job, don’t pass over the construction field at first glance. It can offer flexible hours/WFH opportunities as well as on-site work to gain a wide variety of experience and increase opportunities for advancement.

If you would like to get a certificate in construction, contact the Mary Rigg Employment Team to get information about the next round of classes with our partners at BY Construction.