Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to support clients with rent, utilities, transportation, and food needs. Funding is limited and not always guaranteed.

Indy Energy Assistance Program (EAP)


Indy Energy Assistance Program (EAP) assists individuals and families with the high costs of home energy. Income-eligible families are provided a one-time benefit paid to the utility company to offset the high cost of winter utility bills. The energy assistance benefit amount is based on household size, household income, type of dwelling, housing status, at-risk factors and fuel source.

Last Day to Apply is May 20th, 2024

Income eligibility for energy assistance benefits is limited to households with a combined three months of income noted in the chart below. Household income is the gross earned income (and other unearned income) received by all household members age 18 and above.

Household SizeLast 3 Months Household Income Must NOT EXCEED

You will need to have documents to verify your eligibility.

Income Verification
All household members aged 18 or older must submit proof of income:

  • Household members that received Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Pension or Retirement income may submit an award letter OR a copy of a bank statement clearly showing the deposit amount.
  • Household members that were employed during the last 3 months may submit the most recent pay stubs for each employer, from the past three months. W2’s are no longer acceptable forms of income verification.
  • Household members who received Unemployment income or are reporting no income during the last 3 months must submit a signed DWD Release Form and/or a zero-income affidavit.
  • Individuals 18-23 that are enrolled in school full time, must submit a Current report card or class schedule; showing that you are taking at least 12 credit hours.

Household Verification

  • Drivers license or state issued photo ID for the Head of Household
  • Verification of Social Security number for all household members.

Utility Verification

  • Copy of current heating bill and electric bill in the name of a household member 18 years old or older

Utilities Included in Rent

  • Renters with utilities included in the rent must provide the landlord affidavit completed and signed by the renter’s landlord showing which utilities are included in rent and amount paid in rent.

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