Basic Needs Services

Regardless of your situation, Mary Rigg has basic needs and food service programs that can help you.  Please explore the variety of basic needs assistance programs available to you and call 317.639.6106 for more information.  


"I am proud to be connected to Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center. They are completely focused on teaching their clients how to succeed independently in so many ways. Finding affordable housing, job training, computer skills, financial planning, amazing child care where they lead the kids to achieve so many possibilities that the families did not know were available and making sure that the food pantry is stocked by donations and so much more."

"Excelente lugar con recursos para la comunidad hispana."

"Mary Rigg is a unique and wonderful organization that has a passion for making lives better."

"I think that Mary Rigg is an outstanding and unique place. They are there to help anyone that comes through the door. They are respectful of everyone and they provide a great service to the community."

"We all deserve a life with depth, adventure, love happiness, and purpose."

Kate E.
Mariana S.
MaryAnn L.
Kim G.
Cinnamon F.