Construction classOn the 18th of September we had a graduation for the 12 students in our 10-week Solar Panel Installation course. Through the combined efforts of the Opportunity Youth/Youth Employment Services (OY/YES) and the Bridge programs we helped 12 adults get certified in Photo Voltaic Construction and connected them with an organization called “Off the Grid”. Some of the YES students will have a paid work experience, some of the Bridge participants will get jobs, and all had an exciting and educational 10-week course that will inspire them and start them on a career path towards success.

The OY/YES program serves 18-24-year old’s and helps them to start in a career where they can rise in their options. “ABC” Any job- Better job- Career. We work to help and empower them to get out of the “any job” mentality and help to raise them, and their families, to a “better job” leading towards a “career”.

The Bridge program does much the same as the YES program but serves and works with “older” adults (25 and up). They are also empowered with the skills and support to get that “better job” and move into a “career” where they can earn a living wage and become an active and supportive member of our community.

Both programs are also provided with wrap-around services to help assure they can maintain the gains we help them to achieve. So, the Solar Panel class (Photo Voltaic Installation) brings people into a new and burgeoning field with room for growth and advancement. MRNC can, and does, help individuals grow into many fields; Medical, construction, transportation, HVAC, administration, Computer tech, and any other state recognized Certification.

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