Smart Shopping Tips

Smart Shopping is the simplest way that you can start making better financial decisions without having to make dramatic changes to your routine.

Did you know that finances are the number one cause of stress in Americans? Yes, that is correct 73% of American’s find themselves stressed by their financial burdens every day. It is not a secret that finances affect every part of our lives. Developing smarter financial habits can help ease your family’s financial stress. Smart Shopping is the simplest way that you can start making better financial decisions without having to make dramatic changes to your routine. In this blog, you will learn how to become a Smart Shopper by learning how you can incorporate coupons, price matching, and meal planning into your weekly run to the grocery store.

Let begin by talking about coupons. Coupons are a great way to buy the products you love at a discounted price. There are few types of coupons, but the most commonly used are Manufacture and Store coupons found in a store’s weekly ad or in your weekly newspaper. You can also access digital coupons on websites like which can easily be printed or scan right from your phone. Utilizing coupons is the easiest way to begin saving money without having to make changes to your weekly or monthly shopping list.  Keep in mind, that is important not to go extreme on your couponing. Creating a shopping list and sticking to it will help to save money and prevent the purchase of unneeded products. Remember you are using coupons to save money not to spend more than needed.

Now, that we cover coupons, another great resource to take advantage of is Store’s Rewards program and price matching. Stores like Kroger and Target both offer a program that provides customers with weekly specials, fuel points, or sometimes even cashback that can be used on later purchases. Signing up for these types of programs is fast and easy, but keep in mind that you may be required to install an app on your phone to access some of these deals. Visit your store’s customer service desk next time you’re in your favorite store and ask how you can sign up for their rewards program.

Lastly, let’s talk about meal prep. Meal prep is simply creating a weekly menu plan for your family’s meals. Creating a meal plan allows you to create a menu around your store’s specials and coupons limiting your visits to the grocery store and make your grocery shopping list a piece of cake. How is this make you a smart shopper you ask? Well, it helps you to shop strictly for the items that are a part of your meal and prevents the temptation of buying unneeded items making you a smart shopper.

Developing smart shopping habits is not easy. We all give into temptations sometimes. Starting off with using coupons, rewards programs, and creating a meal plan is a great first step to becoming a smart shopper. If you are ready to start to develop healthy financial habits, call 317.639.6106 to get connected to one of our Financial Coaches today.