5 Tips to Help with Online Job Searching

Job searching online can be intense. Here are some tips so you can get the most out of your online Job search.

Job searching online can be intense. You do a quick google search of ‘jobs near you’ and are instantly flooded with positions available. Some are irrelevant to what you want, others are vague in their description and duties. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated if you are unable to find the things you are looking for. Here are some things you can do to get the most out of your online Job search.

Figure out what platforms and job search sites are best for you

It is easy to just type jobs into google and see the results come up. But if it was easy for you, then it is easy for everyone else trying to apply. Jobs are competitive, especially when searching online so it is important to know what site is going to best fit your needs.

Some of the more well-known sites are Indeed, Linked In, Glassdoor, and Monster. These have wide ranges for job opportunities and are good starting points. There are other job sites to try if you are not having luck with those.

For hourly jobs, try a website like Snagajob.
For remote or hybrid jobs, try a website like Flexjobs.
If you want to work for a non-profit organization, try Charitable Advisors or Idealist.

If you know of a company you might want to work for, go directly to their website. Most of the time they will have a page called either Jobs or Careers and will have job posting listed. You can even contact the company directly to see if they have any jobs available. Even if they don’t, it is one way you can connect with the company, and they may reach out to you later on if a position opens up.

Figure out keywords to best optimize your job search.

Sometimes, online job hunting is hard because you can’t find the results you want. Different companies use different job titles, so make sure you research different terms that are connected to the position you want. Also, look at different job descriptions and see what words they are using and pay attention to the ones you feel are the best fit for you. Then try searching positions using their words. For example, – associate, coordinator, and specialist sometimes have different responsibilities and other times they are used interchangeably, so try searching with each of term and see if you get different results.

Set Up Job Alerts

By using the keywords we just talked about, you can set up job alerts right to your email. Search to job title or industry you are interested in, then there is usually an option that says “Notify me of new jobs” where you can input your email address. Then, anytime an employer posts a job with the keywords you used on the job site; you will be notified. This can save you some time because you don’t have to keep checking it, you will just get emails with the new jobs as they come.

Apply early

If you see a job you are interested in, don’t wait to apply. It might not be there the next day. It is best to have your cover letters and resumes ready when you are job searching so you don’t have to put off applying.

Be Aware of Scams

Employment scams are a real thing, and it is important to protect yourself. Scammers will try to get your money and personal information. If you find a job description that is either too good to be true (like too high of a salary) or it is really vague, do some research before applying. Look at the company website to see if it looks legit. Also, check the job description for the contact information. Employers use professional emails so if the email looks off, you probably want to steer clear. The last thing to avoid is giving out personal information. Employers will need your bank information and social security information if you are offered the job, but if they are asking you for that kind of information before you have even had an interview, that is a major red flag.

Want more tips to help you along your job search? Check out this blog we did 5 Tips to Make your Job Search Easier You can also get connected to one of our employment coaches here. They would love to support you on your employment journey!