Nine years ago, Keira moved to Indiana with her three children for a fresh start.

Nine years ago, Keira moved to Indiana with her three children for a fresh start.  She was working long hours selling life insurance, but it was commissioned based.

That meant she would sometimes go weeks without any paycheck at all.

She knew she wanted start building a better future for herself and her family, so she reached out to Mary Rigg and began working with employment coach, Chris Emmons.

Keira and Chris sat down together and established goals, created budgets, and updated her resume.  Each month, and sometimes twice a month, they would meet to talk strategies to accomplish her goals.

But it wasn’t easy.  Keira was working and taking care of three little children.  Sometimes she needed a little extra help to pay a bill or help with Christmas gifts.  Mary Rigg was there to help then too.

Keira pushed on.  She started reaching those goals that she and Chris had set.  She received licenses in other types of life insurance that allowed her regular paychecks and commission checks.  These successes led her to establishing another goal – her own tax preparation business.

Today, Keira has owned and operated her own tax preparation business for 8 years.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has also led to also opening a clothing boutique and aspires to open her own insurance agency.

We are excited to see how far Keira has come and where she is going.  If you’d like to create your own story, need help getting started, and want a staff that will support and encourage you when it gets tough you can connect with an employment coach like Keira did and we’ll be there for you.