Innovating Work Through Job Quality

Through the last 18 months, MRNC has seen the pandemic as an opportunity to reimagine and refresh our approach to the work we do.  The employment team stepped back to examine what we think will be the dynamic between the post-pandemic workforce and their employers.

We did some research and discovered two key facts:

  1. Employers desperately want better foundational skills (soft skills if you prefer) in their employees.
  2. The most commonly used model of Job Quality places strong emphasis on engaging with employees more deeply.

We also focused on the studies that suggest employees are the richest source of effective solutions to business problems.  We wanted to create an environment where leaders invite staff to contribute and develop their ideas and nurture them in an environment that develops skills and breeds new solutions to real challenges.

This allowed us to incorporate the development of key skills into a program where a team of employees or job seekers can tackle a genuine business need that elevates the quality of jobs in the host organization.  Mary Rigg staff creates a neutral environment where the team can feel free to share experiences, propose and test novel ideas, and learn through practice – without fear of failure.

Initial results show promise, with managers reporting participants are applying their new skills on the job and improving their performance.  As well, participants are displaying new levels of ownership and engagement; factors that drive up their perceived quality of work.