Donor Spotlight: Jane Zobel

Jane loyally supports Mary Rigg now because Mary Rigg helped Jane’s father and uncle reach America back in the 1930’s

Jane Zobel has had a lifelong passion for helping others. In fact, it goes back to the original Mary Rigg 91 years ago, before Jane was even born. Jan’s father and uncle arrived at Mary Rigg’s doorstep at the ages of 12 and 10 after an extensive trip through Europe, across the Atlantic Ocean, and eventually landing in Indianapolis.

Once they arrived, Mary Rigg stayed involved in their lives every step of the way, making sure they got what they needed, even helping them get into college. As the brothers grew up and started their own families, they all remained close, and Mary Rigg became like a grandmother to Jane and her siblings.

It was by her father’s, uncle’s, and Mary Rigg’s influence that Jane became a social worker for Indianapolis Public schools and, even through retired, is still greatly involved in the Indiana School for Social Work Association. Jane’s father would tell Jane and her siblings, “we did not pull ourselves up by their bootstraps and do it on our own, it was Mary Rigg and the village of services.” It is that phrase that impressed Jane to “give back to communities that help children and families like ours because someone helped us.”

We are so thankful for Jane’s continued passion for helping others, support, and dedication to the Mary Rigg Mission.