Creating a Simple Resume

Utilizing these three steps to creating a resume will make applying for future jobs easier than ever before.

A resume is a brief account of a person’s education, work experience, and general qualifications they provide to potential employers. This article will guide you through 3 essential components to include in your resume and how to create one. Once you have created an initial document, it is easy to add and/or subtract from it in the future as you further into your career and/or education.

Step One: Gather all necessary information

This step includes current contact information (phone number, email, address etc.) and any information about previous work experience or education. This is important as you should have the name of company/school, the title you held while there, if applicable, and a list of the basic duties you completed daily. If you are listing education, you can include bullet points on specific classes you took or things you were involved in.

Step Two: Choose a resume format

There are two basic resume formats you can choose from, and neither is better than the other. It is all about personal preference and how you want your resume to look and read. Chronological is the most frequently used as it simply presents work and education history in chronological order starting with the most recent. Functional is a great option if you have an inconsistent work or education history as you emphasize experience and skills first before listing work and education history. This is also a great option if you have certifications you wish to highlight on your resume.

Step Three: Put it all together!

Take steps one and two to combine and put your completed resume together. This is where you get to be creative in how you word the details and get to add your personal touch to your resume. An easy way to organize your work and education history is to use bullet points to describe your duties or classes you took. This makes the resume easy to read for an employer and easy to edit in the future for you.

No matter how much work experience you have, using these steps you can create a resume that reflects who you are and what you are capable of. If you need any help creating your resume or applying to jobs with it, you can contact the Employment Team at Marry Rigg at 317.639.6106 for assistance.


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