Construction Careers we can Help You get Training For

Does the idea of a desk job bore you? Would you much rather have a job that requires you to do physical work like lifting, assembling, and driving heavy machinery?

If so, consider a career in construction!

Not only do construction careers offer great pay and benefits, but they also offer opportunities to make a difference in your community. If you’re the kind of person that likes to see immediate results that you can see, a construction career could be perfect for you.

Whether it is managing projects, physically building structures, or reading detailed plans to determine how to place things like pipes and wires, a construction career pathway has something for everyone.

Do you like to paint? Be a Painter!

Interested in solar panels? Learn to install solar panels!

Do you like making decisions and overseeing projects?  Become a project manager! Project managers make decisions and oversee projects, mostly on-site. Job responsibilities for this position can also include things like budgeting and making sure the project is progressing on time. If you are a natural leader and have good communication skills, a project manager role would be a great fit.

A more entry-level position in construction is craft laborer, someone who does basic tasks on construction sites. For this position and others like carpenter, you should have good hand-eye coordination, be good at working with your hands, and have a good sense of balance.

One popular option in the construction field is a welder—in this job you would be shaping metal using heat and pressure. This job also gives you a chance to travel.

No matter the position you choose to pursue, a career in construction is for you if you are physically strong, have basic math skills, are good at working with your hands, and enjoy problem-solving. Working in construction means having the kind of job where the work and your ‘workplace’ will change depending on your assignment and where it is, so you won’t get bored.

According to Build Your Future, an organization that matches people with jobs in the construction industry, a career in this field offers an opportunity to get a head start in your education. The construction field uses an apprenticeship model where you can get paid while you are in training. 

Another benefit of a career in construction is the freedom to travel. Construction workers are in high demand across the nation so your travel is paid for if your assignment is out of state or international. Speaking of being in high-demand, employers are willing to pay construction workers well for their skills—so you can look forward to great pay!

If you are looking for work that is exciting, pays well, and offers opportunities not just for professional growth, but also other benefits like paid travel—consider a career in construction.

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