Throughout these serious and busy times, Mary Rigg will continue to do what we do best, support and encourage people seeking help, hope, and better opportunities with a positive approach, good information, and personal resources that empower individuals and families.

We are able to do this through

  • individual, private donations
  • the Indianapolis Colts and Indianapolis Pacers 12 community center fundraising efforts through the United Way
  • emergency grants from our partners at Children’s Bureau and Indiana CCDF

These special efforts to support our mission are deeply appreciated and encourages the entire staff as they continue delivering our mission to serve youth, parents, adults, and families given the unique challenges of the current crisis.

Mary Rigg continues to help individuals and families in southwest Indianapolis,specifically in the historic West Indianapolis area within approximately a one-mile radius in far-south Center Township and eastern Wayne Township. (Local neighborhood street boundary is Holt Road on West, Railroad tracks just south of Washington St. on North, White River on East, and Raymond Avenue on South.)

Right now, in emergency mode, Mary Rigg is focusing on the following priorities:


  • Providing ongoing customer service and positive coaching as always, just relying more on phone, internet, and zoom meetings
  • Continuing to reach enrolled youth, adults, families, and seniors who rely on Mary Rigg
  • Responding to new local community needs and families especially related to high-risk families, or job loss, or other virus-related emergency needs
  • Providing food, good information, referral to appropriate agencies, and help resources as available from United Way, City of Indianapolis, and philanthropy

For more information, please call 317-639-6106.