Clark’s Corner – October 2020

Interesting Fact: Mary Rigg just served its 250th household since July 2020 with emergency rent assistance. We were able to provide help, hope, and opportunity to those first 250 families in southwest Indianapolis who were some of the first families feeling the hardest hits from the pandemic and economic crisis that started in March 2020. The applications and waitlists keep rising so our work will be continuing for a while as long-term unemployment starts to settle in for parents who have lost their work.

While we were able to help families immediately avoid eviction with rent assistance, we also are able to naturally connect them to other services and resources that may help their family in this moment and throughout the year. That’s what it means to be a social worker based organization.

Mary Rigg herself (as one of Indiana’s first licensed social workers back in 1918) would be proud of how today our whole team is adapting and rising to the occasion to provide extraordinary help in this extraordinary time. When you think of all the historic times that Mary Rigg served, her legacy continues today as our current dedicated team of professionals serves youth, adults, and families in a variety of new ways to meet the needs in inner-city Indianapolis.

Thank you for continuing to have an interest in the mission and cause of Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center.

Stay tuned! More examples of “Working Together for Better Opportunities” coming soon in 2021!