Clark’s Corner – March 2021

Spring is a time of renewal.

Spring is a time of renewal.

Some of the virtual work apps that we added a year ago as the pandemic began are coming due for renewal, and many are going to be replaced with better versions – as we all continue learning new ways.

For students who are emerging into a full hybrid reality, there is a renewal going on in education.

For adults seeking employment, there is a renewal as gaining new skills and adaptability are essential to meet the current demand in the Indianapolis labor market.

For families struggling in the current economic crisis, there is a renewal of hope as several large-scale assistance programs are coming soon to help families – starting with rent assistance this Spring.

And then there is food. Every child and family needs food to renew their energy and their family meal as a daily renewal opportunity. And at Mary Rigg, sharing food serves as a renewal experience that reminds us of how important it is to care about our neighbors.

Today, Mary Rigg keeps renewing its “110 year and counting” commitment to serving individuals and families in Indianapolis through new virtual, center-based, community-based, and workforce-based opportunities.

Join this Spring Renewal!