Clark’s Corner – February 2021

The mission of Mary Rigg continues to safely serve adults and families in Indianapolis who are looking for help, hope, and better opportunities.  As we are sharing this month, employment and vocational skills training are examples of concrete steps forward that people are taking during COVID.  Mary Rigg continues to serve a key role to invite, encourage, facilitate, and connect adults seeking these better opportunities. This work has always been important at Mary Rigg and will continue to be an essential service as we move forward together throughout 2021.

Also, while we move into the cold winter months, Mary Rigg is preparing for the next wave of rent assistance applications to help stabilize housing for families dealing with economic hardship and the impacts of COVID. When we can help facilitate rent assistance for a family, we are helping to stabilize that family.  We also help stabilize that family’s student e-learning environment so their children can stay connected to their school and learning opportunities.  We also help families to stay closely connected and learn what is really most important, even when many of the normal routines are disrupted.  But we certainly look forward to better days (and warmer days!) ahead when we can reconnect more directly with students, families, adults, and our whole community at Mary Rigg!

In the meantime, the positive spirit that exists in each staff member, board member, volunteer, intern, and community member is what keeps Mary Rigg going strong.

As a special thought to share today, recently two superstar advocates for that positive spirit at Mary Rigg passed away… Fr. Joseph Gibson and Susan Lewis. Now their positive spirit passes on to us as we continue this vital work at Mary Rigg — helping others in the ways we can during the times we are facing together.

Stay safe. Take good care.  And please continue to do the part you can for the mission of Mary Rigg.