Clark’s Corner: August 2021

Today, instead of “back” to school mode, honestly we’re in a “moving forward” mode.

As families and schools prepare for Fall, Mary Rigg is focusing on two key priorities: 1) providing Family Help and 2) serving adults who are seeking Better “work & wage” Opportunities in Indianapolis.

Today, at the center, families can access family help – such as weekly food, emergency rent & utilities assistance, community resources, HeadStart preschool, and afterschool services for elementary school-age students – helping families who are turning to us in these times.  For beyond the center, Mary Rigg offers a good place to start for adults looking for better work & wages in today’s Indianapolis employment marketplace – through education & vocational skills training, innovative new short-term paid work experience opportunities, and 1:1 coaching to help practice new skills and improve their work situation.

These are interesting times. Together, we are facing extraordinary challenges, while also realizing extraordinary new opportunities.  Mary Rigg continues its mission commitment to safely serving individuals and families in the midst of the pandemic…and moving forward together toward better opportunities ahead.

Be Safe!