City of Indianapolis Rent Assistance Program

The City of Indianapolis announced today that emergency rent assistance will be available beginning July 13, 2020.

Here is some general information on how this process will work and what information you will need to apply.

The program begins Monday, July 13, 2020

Applications will be accepted online only at

The process will then look like this:

  • Complete the application: you will need to provide the following information:
    • Identify household members
    • Total household income as of February 2020
    • Household income at the time of the application
    • Your landlord’s name, address, telephone number, and email address
    • Monthly Rent Amount
    • Amount of unpaid rent you currently owe
    • How COVID-19 has impacted your household and additional support to help your household
  • You will then be assigned a tenant code. Write this code down. You will need to give this code to your landlord. Your landlord will need to have this code to complete the application process. This code will also allow you to check the status of your application at
  • The landlord will confirm and complete their part of the application
  • The application will then be processed and forwarded to the assigned center to approve or deny the application, notify the tenant and landlord, and issue the check payable to the landlord (if the application is approved)

Your application is not guaranteed approval however, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible (not before the 13th – the website will not be have the application available) as funding is limited and may run out quickly.

Should you have additional questions, we encourage you to visit the IndyRent website’s FAQ page.