ChrisChris Emmons
Lead Employment Coach/YES Coordinator

Chris graduated from Earlham College with a BA in Psychology. He also worked toward and was briefly a special Ed teacher along with almost becoming an RN. He is a Certified Workforce Development Professional and has been working in Social services for 35+ years. He worked in the school systems, the Welfare Department, Noble Industries, an adolescent psychiatric unit, and now for the past 12 years happily here at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center as an Employment Coach. Every day he helps people actualize their dreams and learn how to plan their lives and careers. Over the years he has raised 3 kids, three dogs, four cats, and numerous birds. In his childhood he lived on a small farm and raised sheep, chickens, goats, pigs, and a few horses. He is very happily married to a famous author (Sherri Wood Emmons) and loves to travel when he can get the time.

If you would like to meet Chris and learn how you can achieve your dreams, email him at or call his office at 317-639-6106 extension 213.