Careers in Transportation and Logistics

A career in transportation and logistics opens the door for a wide variety of industries to work in.

A career in transportation and logistics opens the door for a wide variety of industries to work in. This includes private sector, government, and the military as potential employers within this career! Below are the top three careers in this industry and what they entail.

Freight Agent
A freight agent is someone who ensures that shipments are collected and delivered on time. They work on behalf of the businesses and companies to make sure that these go out as scheduled to prevent any delays for the customer. This involves coordinating and tracking the shipments in conjunction with airlines, trains, or even shipping containers. This is a strong position for you if you are organized and able to build working relationships with your partners. These partnerships will come in handy when you need to negotiate things or work to ensure your shipments arrive in a timely manner.

Supply Chain Manager
A supply chain manager is a logistics leadership role at a company or business. This is a great option if you have prior experience or a position to work up to within the company. These managers are responsible for overseeing and directing the purchasing, production, warehousing, and checking inventory for the company. Employee’s such as the freight agent assist this manger with overseeing parts of these responsibilities and collaborating with the supply chain manager to fix any issues.

Warehouse Logistics Manager
Companies have to ensure that their inventory is maintained and controlled efficiently which is the responsibility of a warehouse logistics manager. This is the perfect job for someone outgoing and wanting to work closely with people. The manager oversees all the warehouse employees, helps process orders, and manage safety checks on the process and products the company is making. This role is also heavy in relationships as you may have to communicate with suppliers, manufactures, and other managers within the company to keep accurate records and get the products out on time.

Many of these types of jobs are available within Indianapolis and are a great opportunity to grow and move up the ladder to leadership positions. If you have any questions or are struggling about where to start this process, contact the Mary Rigg Employment team for assistance. They can help you create a resume, obtain your HSE, fill out applications for jobs, and help you prepare for interviews!