Careers in Healthcare

Careers in Healthcare that we can help you get training for.

Do you enjoy helping people? Are you patient and good at customer service, or already have experience in it? If so, a job in the healthcare field might be for you. Whether you have work experience or none at all, we can help you become a certified nursing assistant or home health aide, phlebotomist, clinical medical assistant, pharmacy tech, or billing/coding specialist.

Careers in healthcare offer you an opportunity to help people and feel good doing it.  They also allow you to establish yourself as a skilled professional in a growing job market. This means not only can you have job stability and flexibility, but a job that is fulfilling and makes a difference for others (and you!).

While some skills like being able to communicate effectively and work well in a team are useful in every job, there are key skills for these positions that will help you succeed. To help you decide if one of these career paths is for you, consider your personality type.

  • Are you an optimistic person and compassionate with others?
  • Can you stay calm when the people you interact with are dealing with something difficult or stressful?
  • Are you organized?

Working as a certified nursing assistant or home health aide requires you to assist patients with basic care like eating, bathing, and getting dressed—in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and private homes. Sometimes patients do not communicate clearly, or they are dealing with difficult health conditions. This means the CNA’s and home health aides that care for them need to be calm, have a positive attitude, communicate well, and most importantly, be compassionate.

The main difference between being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and a clinical medical assistant (CMA) is that CNA’s take personal care of patients and work with nurses, while CMA’s do more administrative work and typically work in outpatient facilities. When a patient comes in to see their doctor, a CMA takes their medical history and information, checks their vital signs, and communicates directly with the doctor. If you are detail-oriented and would enjoy interacting with patients directly and doing administrative work, a CMA certification program might be for you.

Similarly, phlebotomists are detail-oriented and communicate well, but they also have a steady hand (since they mainly draw blood for testing or from donors).

If you are detail-oriented, good at customer service, and enjoy working with data, a pharmacy tech or medical billing/coding specialist career might be for you. Coding specialists communicate with insurance companies, patients, and providers to read patients’ medical history and “code” each diagnosis and treatment so that they can bill insurance providers.  If you like problem-solving, this is definitely a career path you want to consider.  On the other hand, pharmacy technicians prepare and package medications and help place orders for prescriptions. If you enjoy customer service, working in a team, and are detail-oriented, a pharmacy tech path may be a good fit.

Whichever career you choose, you will always receive support from our coaches to help you reach your goals, and you’ll be doing meaningful work that makes a difference for others and for you.

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