Brian’s Story

If you spend any amount of time with Brian, you’ll see a confident, self-reliant young man with big dreams. Since dropping out of high school at the age of 16, Brian has worked hard to support himself. His attention to detail and strive for excellence has gotten him far. In the past 5 years, he’s developed a talent for construction.

Recently, his whole world changed when he became the adoptive parent of his niece after his sister unexpectedly passed away. Knowing he had more than just himself to look after, he stepped up and looked for better opportunities to provide for his family.

His search led to Mary Rigg where he enrolled in High School Equivalency (HSE) classes and connected with the employment and financial teams. They listened to Brian’s needs and together, made a plan. The most pressing issue was his next rent check which was due in 2 weeks and had a hefty late fee. He needed work- and fast. Mary Rigg worked quickly to get him employed by reaching out to longtime partners who could help employ Brian and his skillset. Structure Midwest, a local construction company, stepped up and gave him enough work to meet his rent on time and offered full-time work if he would take steps to get his driver’s license.

He might not show it, but Brian was nervous about getting his license as he had failed the written test a few times in the past. His coaches shared useful resources with him, and Brian dedicated himself to learning the material. A few days later, he came into the center with a smile on his face — he passed the written test!

Brian is currently working on the driving portion of his license which he hopes to get by the end of the year. To reach his goal, Mary Rigg hired a driving instructor to help boost his confidence behind the wheel.