Andrew lee (2)Andrew Lee
Mission Director

Different is a big thing for me, I’ve always liked things that are different and enjoyed work that helps make positive changes. I’m one of those people who embraces change because I’m motivated for things to get better. I believe a big part of change is how people work together. I’ve been inspired by how much a team can achieve when they are highly trained, highly motivated and strongly supported.

For two decades I’ve worked with and for people who had a vision of something new or improved, and I’ve helped make that happen. I love growing small organizations. Building and leading teams is the best part of the job for me. I’ve worked in employment coaching, event management, a chamber of commerce, neighborhood development, animal therapy, art education, community arts, crime prevention and all of that comes together in my current work.

At Mary Rigg, I work with our staff and leadership, as well as our neighbors to help generate ideas and translate them into actions that move us and our neighborhood in the direction of our dreams. It’s a great job and I have a team of go-getters who like to find new ways to get the mission done the best we can – like this year’s Winter Welcome event with more than 400 neighbors and friends coming together to give and share joy. Although I’m not sure how joyful Santa was to have me on his knee!