You may have heard news reports announcing $100M in grants from Lilly Endowment to 15 human service organizations to enhance their long-term impact by building stronger financial futures.

Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center is proud to have been awarded $7.5M as part of Lilly Endowment’s human services initiative.

We will use our grant to establish a permanent endowment fund to support our inner-city mission and strengthen our long-term operations.

We are tremendously grateful for Lilly Endowment’s vision, leadership and generous philanthropic support to strengthen our mission over the long term.

The endowment fund, once fully invested, will generate an annual income that will cover a portion of the business and operational overhead expenses of the center, and will allow us to focus other community and philanthropic support on our vital mission services that directly help individuals and families in need.

For over 105 years, in collaboration with community partners, volunteers, donors and neighbors, Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center has been a resource for help and hope for individuals and families seeking a brighter future. With this investment from Lilly Endowment, and your continued support, Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center will continue its empowering mission for many years to come.

Thank you for being part of our success!