5 Tips to Make your Job Search Easier

The signs are everywhere: Now Hiring! Accepting Applications! Go to work now! But that doesn’t mean job searching is easy, finding the type of job you want that also offers the benefits you need can be exhausting. That’s why we’ve created a list of five simple things that you can do to make your job search easier.

Prepare a resume. Whether you have to fill out an application online or in person, having all of your work experience and information in one place can help you stay consistent during the application process. Plus, it will show that you are organized. Once you have a resume for the type of job you want, you can reuse that information for several different applications. And be sure to take it with you when applying in person, it will make filling out the application so much easier and quicker.

Network everywhere! According to thejobnetwork.com “sometimes jobs can come from introductions or referrals so let friends and former coworkers know you are scouting.” Put the fact that you are on the hunt for a new job on all of your social media, especially LinkedIn. Speaking of LinkedIn…

Update your LinkedIn. If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn, it’s a social media sight for working adults to network and connect. What’s great about LinkedIn is that it’s a great place to connect with possible references like former teachers or previous supervisors. It’s also great because you can upload your resume on to your profile so that hiring managers can reach out to you for positions that you may not have even known about.

Create a schedule for yourself. It’s not easy to sit down at a computer looking for jobs for hours, sometimes you just have to take a break. Make it feel like a job. Starting Monday morning, you begin at 8am. Allow yourself to take a quick break, maybe 5 minutes each hour, until noon. Take a lunch break.  And then be done for the day to do some self-care or family-care. You can find more ideas about things to do while looking for work — other than looking for work — in this blog by Andrew Lee, Mary Rigg’s director of mission engagement.

Reach out for help. Maybe you have a friend that writes amazing resumes or perhaps you know someone that will lend you professional clothes for interviews. Most cities also have an information line that can help point you toward somewhere that can help you with those things, places like Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center.

Mary Rigg has a staff dedicated to helping you wherever you are in your job search. We can help you with cover letters, resumes, and even interview practice; employment coaches can help make your job search easier. Call 317-639-6106 today and get connected to a coach that will work with you one on one and help you explore what your options are and find the job want.